[Coral-List] ICRS/ISRS Coral Reef student video competition

Kelley Anderson kelleyand at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 18:14:52 EST 2015

Talofa from American Samoa,

I am reaching out to Coral Listers in hopes that some may be willing to
assist in organizing a student video competition focused on climate change
impacts to coral reefs.  I have reached out to the ISRS's Corresponding
Secretary, Rupert, who kindly discussed the idea with the rest of the ISRS
board, and they are very supportive and generously offered to chip in a few
scholarships as awards.  Obviously the ISRS board is very busy organizing
the ICRS, among the many other tasks they have, and so I am hoping to find
partners to help organize this competition.

The general plan, as it stands now, is to have student categories, perhaps
middle school, high school, and college (although these could be further
broken down) students submit a brief video focusing on the impacts of
climate change on coral reefs.  We would like to get these in by May, in
order to give us time to review them and determine the finalists, which we
would like to announce at the ICRS.  As many of you may recall, the 2008
IYOR video competition also tied into the 2008 ICRS, and was a great
success.  In my experience, students are willing to learn the science
behind a topic well enough to complete the video, thus educating
themselves, and all their viewers.  In the Pacific Islands, many youth grow
up singing and dancing in groups, thus they have innate artistic talents
that lend themselves well to creating outreach vides.  Since the 2016 ICRS
will be in Hawaii, which has been hit hard by bleaching, it makes this
video competition all the more pertinent.

Our hope is to make this an international competition, so we are hoping to
recruit organizers from other countries than just the USA.  If you are
interested, please let me know and we can begin organizing.  We will need
to finalize the video requirements and judging metrics, and get the word
out to students.  I hope to hear from you soon!

Fa'afetai tele lava (Thanks very much) ma Manuia le Tausaga Fou (and a
Happy New Year)!


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