[Coral-List] COP21 and Coral Reefs

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 28 15:29:52 EST 2015

So, I was just wondering about the scope of reactions from the coral science community to the COP21 agreement.  What does it spell out for the future of the world's coral reefs? I guess it remains to be seen, but this was an interesting piece by James Hansen, a forewarning of the dangers of inaction or what he describes as a reliance on nothing more than "indulgences and promises to reduce future emissions".


In light of this, do we really have good reason to believe that the Paris accord will in any way help prevent "the global collapse of coral reef ecosystems and allow coral reefs to survive in perpetuity"? (Even if we were to assume that we will effectively deal with land-based pollution and over-fishing)?

Searching for optimism as we head into the new year.  

Regards, Steve 

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