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Azevedo et al. 2015.  Calcifying Species Sensitivity Distributions For
Ocean Acidification.  Environmental Science and Education.  (open access)



Popular article:

"Coral reefs are in such bad shape that scientists may have to speed up
their evolution."


based on: van Oppen, et al.  2015.  Building coral reef resilience through
assisted evolution.  PNAS  (open access)



another popular article:

Cautionary fish tale from Australia's Great Barrier Reef marine reserve.


It contains a link to the original article, which is not open-access, but
the abstract is open-access.  The web page gives the email address of the
first author.

original article:

Fletcher, et al.  2015.  Large-scale expansion of no-take closures within
the Great Barrier Reef has not enhanced fishery production.  Ecological


(My understanding is that the expansion of no-take areas in the GBR was not
done to try to enhance fishery production, but rather for conservation
purposes.  Further, the income to Australia from tourism to the GBR is far
larger than income from fisheries on the GBR.  The article reports that the
loss of fishery income which the closure produced was more than expected.
If I got it right, Australia pays compensation to fishers that lost
income.  The larger loss of fishery income is thought to be because the
fish and prawns were not overfished before closure.)


popular article:  Protecting Coral Reefs Brings Good Fortunes to Coastal
Communities in Indonesia.



report:  "Report assesses Indonesia's coastal ecosystems"


A link provides open-access to "State of the Coral Triangle: Indonesia"

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