[Coral-List] Ocean Classrooms Early Career Grant- Applications close 14th January.

Caine Delacy caine at oceanclassrooms.com
Mon Jan 5 18:33:00 EST 2015

Dear Colleagues.

Thanks to everyone who has applied and shared this opportunity. I would
like to remind everyone that the application date is the 14th of January.
There is still plenty of time to get an application in.

I've been receiving a lot of the same questions so I thought that I'd
answer them here to.

*Can the reference letter be sent independently of the applicant?*

Yes. If you feel more comfortable, or your and your organization have a
policy that requires it then that is fine. Just put the applicants name in
the email subject line so we can keep track of it.

*The PDF file is counting characters and not words, can I send it as a word
Yes. Some people have reported that the document is counting characters not
words and thus there is not much room for content. We have uploaded a new
version to try fix that, and we hope that solves it. If not, then please
copy the content into a word document and use the word count tool to keep
track of the words for each section.

Hope that helps speed up the process a little.

Happy New Year.



Dr. Caine Delacy
*Director of Science and Research*
Ocean Classrooms
3015 Bluff St.
Boulder, CO 80301
C: 720.285.0002
Instagram: @c_delacy
Twitter: @c_delacy

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