[Coral-List] The best small digital cameras for underwater survey and monitoring

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Mon Jan 19 05:35:05 EST 2015

Dear Coral Listers,I am currently working on an article for Reef Encounter reviewing the different types and models of the new generation of SMALL DIGITAL cameras and housings now available for underwater use and suitable for the  collection of marine biological data. The intention is not to consider large cameras with ancillary attachments (such as flash guns) that are used primarily by divers interested in obtaining top quality portraits of marine life suitable for publication. Rather I plan to focus on small cameras that many diving biologists may prefer to use because typically, at the same time, they need to carry a selection of other survey gear.The article will be primarily concerned with the equipment rather than methodologies, although the preferred kit may vary with the application. I hope to consider cameras suitable for still and video photo-transect work, and for use in fish studies including for attachment to BRUVS used to assess abundance of shark and other large predators. Obviously a primary concern will be the trade-off between the need to obtain high-definition imagery and the cost involved.Thus I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone in the community with strong views on, or relevant experience of the use of DIGITAL cameras in marine field work. Reports of problems or bad experiences with particular kit would as as valuable as strong recommendations regarding the best models.Please reply to list or to me directly, as you prefer. I will in any case send a draft of the final article to anyone who kindly responds. Obviously it would be helpful to mention the model(s) you use and the particular application.With thanks,Adam Porter
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