[Coral-List] Fwd: Crowd funding for coral reefs in Kenya, Mozambique, Maldives and Sumatra

Benjamin Cowburn benjamindcowburn at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 28 08:36:41 EST 2015

Dear List,
In the light of new technologies and funding opportunities I am raising
money for my research using this crowdfunding platform;


I'm working closely with several organisations including A Rocha Kenya and
CORDIO East Africa looking at coral recovery dynamics and issues of
repeated bleaching. The data have been collected and I plan to analyse
bouncing off current trends in resilience theory including the two big
recent papers by Graham et al. 2015
 and Anthony et al. 2015
<http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/gcb.12700/full>. Reef
resilience research is getting into really interesting territory! Please
help me get my results into the mix.

Many thanks,
Benjamin Cowburn
PhD student, Ocean Research and Conservation Student, Oxford

facebook <https://www.facebook.com/pages/Future-for-Coral/647465975364032>
twitter <https://twitter.com/Futureforcoral>

Disclaimer: This project is strictly not for profit with all the
proceedings being used for charitable purposes.

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