[Coral-List] More reasons to value, and care for, coral reefs

Peter Sale sale at uwindsor.ca
Tue Jul 7 13:59:47 EDT 2015

I've just put up a short post talking about some examples of the amazingly 
complex behavior that reef fishes routinely engage in.  Recognizing that 
coral reefs are not just jumbles of numerous species with latin names, but 
complex associations of many different types of organism each of which 
interacts in surprisingly complex ways with others just might help make 
coral reefs more special to people.  And if they become more special then 
maybe, just maybe, there will be more concern and more effort to stem the 
many types of irresponsible behavior that are causing them to decline, and 
potentially be lost within a lifetime.

The post is at http://tinyurl.com/oclq3sf
Peter Sale

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