[Coral-List] Coral Restoration Internship Opportunity in Cormier, Northern Haiti

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   *Coral Restoration Internship Opportunity in Cormier, Northern Haiti*

*I.  Basic Functions of the Position:*

Cormier Plage, a small resort complex in northern Haiti is currently
accepting applications for mid to long term internship positions to help
design and implement their upcoming Coral Reef Conservation and Restoration
Program. *The selected candidate(s) will be collaborating on a daily basis
with local partners to prepare and establish a pilot Acropora cervicornis
nursery program within Cormier Plage’s area of influence.*  Candidates will
be working on a variable but full-time basis determined by the intern’s
direct supervisor. The candidate is expected to work outside normal
established hours, participate in night diving and on other unscheduled
events depending on the needs of the program.

*II.  **Duties and Responsibilities**:*

   1. Participate in a two week coral nursery training session at the
   Puntacana Ecological Foundation.
   2. Work with the Project Coordinator to locate potential *Acropora*
   donor colonies.
   3. Prepare budgets and work plans.
   4. Help the Project Coordinator oversee the implementation of the pilot
   nursery program.
   5. In collaboration with the Puntacana Ecological Foundation,
   conceptualize and implement the construction of the coral propagation
   structures for the pilot nursery program.
   6. With local and international assistance, deploy the nursery
   infrastructure at established nursery sites.
   7. Assist the Project Coordinator in activities related to the
   maintenance and upkeep of the coral gardens in Cormier Haiti.
   8. Participate in, lead, or implement environmental education courses,
   workshops, and/or training activities.
   9. Care for and provide basic maintenance to project equipment.
   10. Work with other volunteers or interns to achieve the goals of the
   coral restoration Project.
   11. Commit to seeing the internship completed.
   12. Interact and work well with other staff and personnel.

*III.  Requirements:*

*a)  Education  *

We are looking for candidates that are highly motivated and interested in
the preservation, conservation and restoration of coastal marine resources.
A bachelor’s in one of the following areas is preferred: biology, ecology,
marine biology, environmental studies, or other similar careers. This
internship will give the candidate a first experience in resource
management, marine conservation and environmental education.

*b)  Experience:*

The ideal candidate would have experience in the marine ecosystems and
previous experience with Acropora corals and restoration. Applying
candidates must know how to swim and possesses a scuba certification.
Rescue diver or advance diver certification is preferred. Applicants must
have the ability to work under strenuous and adverse conditions including
working with currents, waves, poor visibility, long dive times and
continuous back to back diving days. The applicant must be able to work
efficiently, problem solve, adapt to changing situations and work
independently under minimal supervision. Interns must complete assigned
tasks on time and with quality; must be punctual and represent the best
interest of the institution. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is required.
Previous coral restoration experience is highly advantageous.

*Other Requirements*

SCUBA Certification

Divers Insurance

Medical Insurance


Fluent English (required)

French and/or Spanish desired but not required

Haitian Creole  is advantageous

*c)  Duration:*

The length of the internship is negotiable but a minimum of 4 months is
required. This is a full-time internship requiring at least 40 work hours.
Interns are not illegible to receive the same benefits as full-time staff.
No vacation is awarded but days off can be flexible. The expected start
time is August 15, 2015.

d) *Compensation and Benefits:*

·         On-site lodging, which has electricity and running water 24

·         A small stipend depending on the qualifications of the candidate,
the length of the internship, and the AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS, to help cover

·         Office space

·         At least 6 days off a month (No vacation is contemplated for this

·         All meals included

A typical day in this internship could be:

1-2 dives in the morning to do nursery maintenance or locate donor colonies
followed by data entry in the afternoon. Occasionally, both mornings and
afternoons will be dedicated to diving related activities. Developing
environmental education lectures and activities will also be a small part
of the internship.

Interested Candidates please send your resume with a brief letter of intent
to both of the following emails Preferably by July 23, 2015.

*Important NOTE: Although the Puntacana Ecological Foundation is initiating
collaboration efforts with Cormier Plage, this internship is with Cormier
Plage NOT the Puntacana Ecological Foundation. *

Cormier Plage

Att: Coral Restoration Internships

Email: gael.gaetjens at yahoo.com

Puntacana Ecological Foundation

Email: vgalvan at puntacana.com

Victor M. Galvan
Reef Restoration Coordinator
Punta Cana Ecological Foundation
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