[Coral-List] Coral measurement papers

Benjamin Neal b.neal at uq.edu.au
Wed Jul 15 22:16:16 EDT 2015

Hello, I wanted to post news of two recent papers describing coral
measurement tools.

1) "Towards Automated Annotation of Benthic Survey Images: Variability of
Human Experts and Operational Modes of Automation
​" Beijbom et al, PLOS ONE, describes the operation, variability,  and
​methods for automated coral image annotation. These methods have the
possibility of greatly reducing the amount of time needed for image
analysis, and subsequently increasing the ability to sample much larger



Methods and measurement variance for field estimations of coral colony
planar area using underwater photographs and semi-automated image
​" Neal et al, *Environmental Monitoring and Assessment*, describes a
method, gives software, and outlines expected error for determining planar
area of small to medium sized coral colonies, which can be used to track
disease, growth, and size structure for massive-type colonies.


Thank you very much, and please feel free to contact me at b.neal at uq.edu.au
with any questions, Ben Neal


*Benjamin Neal*

*Postdoctoral Research FellowShallow Reef Team Leader - XL Catlin Seaview
SurveyGlobal Change Institute,The University of QueenslandSt Lucia, QLD
4072 Australiahttp://www.coralreefecosystems.org/dr-ben-neal/
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