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J Hill jhilltrustee at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 18:08:24 EDT 2015

As a Board Member of Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment, I am
working on creating a
Wish List program to support the research scientists at the Duke Marine
I had the idea that it might be a good idea for the researchers on the
Coral-List as well. Jim Hendee
encouraged me to solicit your feedback on if you think it would be a good
idea. It apparently has been
done before. Jim did not recall the success of it.
Apparently this method of fundraising is working quite well in the field of
diabetes research.
My idea would be to help you procure equipment etc that would be valuable
to your research but does not
fit in your budget. I would administer it. The idea would be that 100% of
any money raised would go directly
to the procurement of the wish list item. I would take responsibility for
the integrity of the process.
Please let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.
Disclaimer: This is a Discussion Only at this stage. I am NOT making any
commitments as to my ability to
successfully deliver on any Wish List requests.
For the Health of the Ocean.....
Many Thanks,

J Murray Hill II Inc.
*JHillTrustee at gmail.com <JHillTrustee at gmail.com>*

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