[Coral-List] Marine Research & Diving Program in Mexico (HS students)

Megan Banka meganbanka at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 11:14:39 EDT 2015

Hello all!

I am writing from *Spotted Drum Expeditions*, a small non-profit in Playa
del Carmen, Mexico.  We are a citizen science, marine ecology, and
education organization that focuses on uniting recreational scuba-divers
and snorkelers with scientists to conduct research, learn, and contribute
to local citizen science projects.

I want to announce that *we have a few spaces and scholarship funding* in
the following marine ecology programs for High School students this summer

*High School Coral Reef Camp* --
Session I: June 22nd - July 3rd
Session II: July 10 - July 21st
Puerto Morelos, Mexico

*Advanced High School Coral Reef Camp* --
July 30th - August 7th
Cozumel & Akumal, Mexico

More information is available on our website
<http://sd-expeditions.com/> (including
program details, research activities, fees, and scholarships) or by
contacting us via email <spotted.drum.expeditions at gmail.com>.

Thank you!



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