[Coral-List] New paper on morphological plasticity of corals under acidification

Sylvie Tambutté stambutte at centrescientifique.mc
Mon Jun 15 08:04:10 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,


We’d like to draw your attention to a recent study on the effect of seawater
acidification on coral biomineralization,  published as an open access
article in Nature Communications.


In this study Stylophora pistillata was exposed over the long-term to
different seawater pH treatments in the lab in Monaco. Our study reveals how
CO2-driven seawater acidification can cause a shift in coral skeleton
morphology that occurs in concert with a decrease in coral calcification
rates. The novelty of these findings lies in the

demonstration that seawater acidification not only decreases the rate at
which coral skeletons grow, but it can also affect assembly of the overall
skeletal architecture.


The link to our article is here:

Morphological plasticity of the coral skeleton under CO2-driven seawater

Tambutte E, Venn AA, Holcomb M, Segonds N, Techer N, Zoccola D, Allemand D,
Tambutte S.




Sylvie Tambutte

Research Director of the Physiology team

Department of Marine Biology

Centre Scientifique de Monaco



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