[Coral-List] gmail posters don't receive their own posts

Mike Jankulak mike.jankulak at noaa.gov
Tue Jun 16 09:59:21 EDT 2015


If you are subscribed with a gmail.com address, or if your institutional
email is hosted by Google Mail servers, then this reminder is for you:

If you post something to Coral-List from a GMail-hosted account then you
will not usually receive a posted copy of your message, even if
coral-list does in fact send you one. This is because GMail "knows" that
the message you sent to us (which is perhaps stored in your Sent
mailbox, or Archives) is the "same" message as the one we return to you
from coral-list. GMail discards this second message without allowing you
to see it.

I'm using a GMail-hosted account for email myself, and I happen to find
this behavior rather annoying, but there is little that anyone can do
about it. GMail on balance is generally a sensible email provider and
does not, for example, suffer from the more serious bounce/forgery
problem that yahoo (hotmail, msn, etc.) do. So in fact I've been
recommending to folks lately that they switch their subscriptions TO
gmail.com where they've have more serious problems with those other

As a workaround, whenever you send email to coral-list and you wish to
make sure that we've posted it, you can look in our online archives to
make sure that it has gone out.

Here's a link to Google support that discusses this issue:


Here's a link to the coral-list online archives:


Mike J+, c-l mod team

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