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Ah - the confusion of weather vs climate. A common mis-statement from the "climate deniers" - "how can you predict climate when you can't get the weather right three days out?"

Weather changes hourly and daily. 

Climate is the average over weeks, months, years and decades.

There were at least 2 peer reviewed papers in the last 3 years that looked at all of the published peer reviewed literature over a 15 (?)/ 20 year period showing that 97% of the papers said that climate was changing and the change is being caused by man's actions.  That sounds like a pretty good consensus to me.

If I have to - I will go google them - I cite them in my lecture on climate change - but don't have my lecture materials with me on this computer.

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Climate change or global warming?  The climate changes daily.  Consensus on global warming?  On what do you base your assertion? 
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Dear Coral-List,

To deny climate change is to deny the existence of geology, evolution and
biology.  The rest is a question of the state of knowledge and
interpretation (including political).

And knowledge evolves.  Recently, "cosmoclimatology challenges the status
quo, politically correct, consensus view that global warming is due
primarily or solely to modern human activities" (Schock, R. M., 2012).



Vassil Zlatarski
D.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Geology)
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