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There's an important resource on the mangrove aspect of your request at theProceedings of the First symposium on "Mangroves as Fish Habitat" published at the Bulletin of Marine Science.
All articles are free access herehttp://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/umrsmas/bullmar/2007/00000080/00000003;jsessionid=k011vmoaxi1r.alice
I would recommend a general read of the papers related to your interest. Specifically, the paper by Roy & Gilmore focus on the issue of mangrove restoration and all the interconnected challenges of water flow, pollution, nursery habitat etc.
Hope this helps.

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> Hello, Coral-Listers!
> I wonder if any of you can point me in the direction of articles, projects,
> initiatives, or people involved in mangrove conservation and/or restoration
> specifically for the purpose of supporting suitable habitat for coral reef
> ecosystems? I came across the article below, which is directly on point,
> but am equally interested in mangrove projects that are designed to
> ameliorate the effects of land-based pollution, provide nursery habitat,
> etc as "indirect" support to coral reefs. Particularly interested in
> U.S.-based initiatives...
> http://news.mongabay.com/2015/0616-mowbray-mangrove-coral.html
> Thank you in advance, and *feel free to email me individually at
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> want to reply to the entire list. *
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