[Coral-List] Climate Change

Ulf Erlingsson ceo at lindorm.com
Mon Jun 22 10:33:10 EDT 2015

Ya'll are fighting over the Pope's beard. 

The debate is over whether the climate is changing due to human impact, or not. This has two aspects: Is it true?, and, Is it relevant?

Svante Arrhenius welcomed the greenhouse effect as a possible savior of civilization from the Ice Age that was about to start back then, it seemed.

Climate has always changed through natural reasons, and it has changed rapidly at times. So has sea level. The predicted changes now are not any more "catastrophic" than what has happened in the past, and basically all it does is to move around the climate zones over the planet. And still we don't know why the next Ice Age will come, but we do know that huge agricultural areas will become useless. The carrying capacity of the planet will probably drop a lot, since the soils exposed through sea level drop cannot replace those lost in the Midwest and the black soils in Ukraine, when the climate gets too cold. Fortunately it's a slow process.

Those who are worried about biodiversity maybe should look more at the Nicaragua Canal, the largest earth work project in history with a 1.5 year EIA study that still carries a "SECRET" stamp. 

Ulf Erlingsson

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