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   I find it interesting that you raised two questions:  "Is it true?, and,
Is it relevant?"  and answered neither.

On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 3:33 AM, Ulf Erlingsson <ceo at lindorm.com> wrote:

> Ya'll are fighting over the Pope's beard.
> The debate is over whether the climate is changing due to human impact, or
> not. This has two aspects: Is it true?, and, Is it relevant?
> Svante Arrhenius welcomed the greenhouse effect as a possible savior of
> civilization from the Ice Age that was about to start back then, it seemed.
> Climate has always changed through natural reasons, and it has changed
> rapidly at times. So has sea level. The predicted changes now are not any
> more "catastrophic" than what has happened in the past, and basically all
> it does is to move around the climate zones over the planet. And still we
> don't know why the next Ice Age will come, but we do know that huge
> agricultural areas will become useless. The carrying capacity of the planet
> will probably drop a lot, since the soils exposed through sea level drop
> cannot replace those lost in the Midwest and the black soils in Ukraine,
> when the climate gets too cold. Fortunately it's a slow process.
> Those who are worried about biodiversity maybe should look more at the
> Nicaragua Canal, the largest earth work project in history with a 1.5 year
> EIA study that still carries a "SECRET" stamp.
> Ulf Erlingsson
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