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K-le Gomez-Cabrera klegomez at uq.edu.au
Tue Jun 23 07:39:42 EDT 2015

Dear Magnus,

The people that used to produce the CD is Lucid (http://www.lucidcentral.com/). They don't produce it anymore. A few years ago I managed to extract from them two copies after a lot of pestering. I don't know if that tactic would work again but you can try.
A couple of points about the CD is that because it hasn't been updated it doesn't work on Macs or PCs with an operating system newer than XP. Also if you install it in one computer you can't install it in any other computer unless you request a new pin number, which sometimes is even more complicated to obtain than the actual CD.

Good luck!


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Hi All,

I'm taking a bunch of students diving in Malaysia this summer and would like to take a copy of Veron with me (beautiful as the books are they are a bit on the weighty side).  Can anyone point me at a source for the CD?  It doesn't appear to be available via AIMS.

Best wishes, Magnus

Dr Magnus Johnson
University of Hull, UK

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