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Magnus Johnson m.johnson at hull.ac.uk
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the various emails.  In summary there is a great web based service (see below - unfortunately not good for where I am going) and the CD doesn't work on recent operating systems.

Cheers, Magnus


Hi Magnus,

If you have access to the internet, you can always access Corals of the World online.

Including the basic info:
Or for species, the factsheets:

Jeroen van de Water

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Try this:
Veron & Stafford-Smith
Coral ID (first release 2002)


Cheers, Christine

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>Hi All,
>I'm taking a bunch of students diving in Malaysia this summer and would 
>like to take a copy of Veron with me (beautiful as the books are they 
>are a bit on the weighty side).  Can anyone point me at a source for the CD?
>It doesn't appear to be available via AIMS.
>Best wishes, Magnus
>Dr Magnus Johnson
>University of Hull, UK
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