[Coral-List] climate Change "deniers"

David Evans davidjevans1818 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 23 17:05:55 EDT 2015

All - I honestly don't understand this. Not the climate science, that I understand, or at least we'll enough. What I don't understand is that this childish discussion is still going on. I think there are plenty of worthy and important discussions about climate change that certainly should and do take place. But this one? Really?
I think mostly of Gene in this and I mean this with respect, but the cute old curmudgeon thing only goes so far. Too many times has some link or posted news just not panned out - was never really well based to begin with. Why do we have to go through that part of it every time? 
We get it. This is how science works, but can we take the childish part elsewhere? If you have something to discuss, can it please be based on your own work or on someone other than the staunch "denialists" website? Like maybe an actual peer reviewed science based paper or article?
We all should stop to consider: If we are truly a scientist, what level of error do we give our own position - whichever that may be? 
What ever happened to the cautionary principal? Is it worthwhile to extend our own potential error just to make sure we choose right based on risk and consequences?
If you are sticking with taking the chance no matter the expected consequences, ignoring the risk, what sort of evidence would you expect the consensus to accept in your support? (Being crochity and snarky doesn't count)
Yes, a consensus can be wrong. We all accept that. But put up or shut the door on your way out. 
I would think coral scientists would be most in tune with what's going on in our changing world. Coral reefs must be one of the closest analogs to climate change.
Any one can find a reef a patch that is "healthy." Does that mean reefs are not in danger? Corals have always changed. Does that mean this change is not caused by human activity? Coral degradation on massive scale is almost always non point source. Does that mean since we didn't catch a culprit with dynamite then there's nothing we're doing to affect reefs?
We get it. You don't believe it but can you keep it on your own time and focus on contributing something you actually know about?
I'm sorry. I just don't understand. I hope I wasn't rude.
David J. Evans


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