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Time will tell if Gene is right. Right now it doesn't look good for the AGWers because it's not warming as predicted in their bible, the IPCC. 

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 The answer will come as either continual warming or cooling. Let's don't kill the messenger who might disagree with you. 

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 I agree wholeheartedly with Pedro. Although it may seem like a waste of time, ignoring the musings of iconoclasts has created a situation whereby we now have no choice but to defend solid science against a prolific barrage of misinformation. Unfortunately the restraint that is ingrained and often displayed by so many in the scientific community is often taken as submission.. Call them out and shut them down. The Pope has thrown down the gauntlet.. If he can do it so can the stately scientific community.  


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>Thank you very much for your message. I think it reflects what is on the minds of many in the list. Many of us have just opted to skip over the messages of aspiring iconoclasts who will say anything to get attention, but calling their game actually does a service.
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>All -?I honestly don't understand this. Not the climate science, that I understand, or at least we'll enough. What I don't understand is that this childish discussion is still going on. I think there are plenty of worthy and important discussions about climate change that certainly should and do take place. But this one? Really?
>I think mostly of Gene in this and I mean this with respect, but the cute old curmudgeon thing only goes so far. Too many times has some link or posted news just not panned out - was never really well based to begin with. Why do we have to go through that part of it every time??
>We get it....
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