[Coral-List] How to "green" the dive?

martina m.milanese at studioassociatogaia.com
Sun Mar 8 09:18:56 EDT 2015

Dear Alice,

thanks for your endeavour - we need to green our dives!
Please let me introduce the recently funded EU project Green Bubbles 
(www.greenbubbles.eu launched in Jan 2015), going exactly in this 

We believe SCUBA diving can do much for society, well beyond generating 
revenues. However, we are well aware of the negative impacts associated 
with the business, too. A systematic review we are going to finalise 
evidenced knowledge gaps that deserve attention, and an overall 
isolation between disciplines studying the subject. However, our 
ambitious aim to make diving sustainable under each of the three pillars 
of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) requires lots of 
integration and mutual understanding starting from the researchers' 
side. That's why the project brings together social scientists, 
economists, educators, biologists, engineers, software developers, 
marketing experts, medical doctors and lots of people with sound 
experience in the dive industry from all across the globe. It's an 
exciting challenge!

We will proceed engaging and assessing the dive system (divers, staff, 
operators, certifying agencies, schools, communities and authorities) to 
highlight issues and opportunities. There's a great enthusiasm from the 
industry side but also from the local authorities' - this is very 
important and positive both to help us carry out the research and to 
establish a real dialogue. Then we will respond to issues and capitalise 
on opportunities, always feeding back to and receiving feedback from our 
base. Finally, we will facilitate the uptake of results accompanying the 
various actors with tailored training, marketing and business plans.

Green Bubbles will focus on two case studies, respectively in the 
Mediterranean Sea and in South Africa so that both coral reef and 
non-coral reef diving is addressed. However, we are planning activities 
well beyond the regional level. So, just sign up!

The Green Bubbles site is going to be quickly populated with posts on 
our field and desktop research activities, as well as on the increasing 
Green Bubbles network. Contacts and information about joining are 
already available but of course you can also write to me directly. I 
will also use my Twitter account @martix_m to post quick news about 
#GreenBubblesRISE, #GreenBubblesproject and #sustainable #diving . 
Research papers stemming from the project will be announced on the 
website but also shared via Open Access repositories as requested by EU 
rules on research funding.

Stay tuned!



Dr Martina Milanese, PhD

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Il 04/03/15 05:04, Alice Grainger ha scritto:
> Hello Coral Listers,
> I am the editor of *Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA* magazine, based out of
> Singapore.
> I'd like to put together an "Eco Diving" issue for Asia Pacific and thought
> I would go to the best source of responsible diving knowledge - you!
> I want to be sure I am giving our readers the best information possible
> about creating eco conscious dive holidays.
> Some questions for the experts:
>     - What do you think the most important considerations for eco-conscious
>     divers should be? Transport, equipment, destination, food and accommodation?
>     - What do you think is the most important thing that divers should know
>     or do to help protect coral reefs?
>     - Are there any resorts or dive centres in Asia Pacific that you know
>     about that exemplify eco diving practices?
>     - Is there anything else you think it is important to share with Asia's
>     divers about eco conscious diving and dive holidays?
> Looking forward to learning from the best!
> Best
> Alice
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