[Coral-List] Trading reef destruction for progress

Ulf Erlingsson ceo at lindorm.com
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They bought and tested some of our SediMeters but decided they were not "suitable" for detecting sedimentation on the coral reef. In my test the SediMeter could detect 100 g/m2 of sedimentation (http://youtu.be/cFe6ct1TFPU), but not 50. Of course it was just one test and the sensitivity varies a bit along the sensor but there is no way it would have failed to detect the levels of sedimentation they got off Miami. 

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On 2015-03-08, at 10:52, Phil Dustan wrote:

> This in Sunday's NY Times concerning the dredging fiasco off Miami.
> http://nyti.ms/18rofPD
> ​It really is not a surprise seeing how the economy and "progress" always
> trump conservation​. What is a surprise is that it finally got some
> national press. The premier government agencies overseeing this economic
> development project  (NOAA and the Army Corps) can't  chalk this one up to
> global warming or climate change. Anyone who has a basic understanding of
> reefs and their ecology could have predicted this would happen......
> What is so sad to me is the way our government agencies get away with
> duping the nation into the allowing economic progress to overwhelm our
> natural infrastructure over and over and over.........
>  Pete Seeger asked "where have all the flowers gone" and the same question
> can be asked about  reefs..............and forests, and marshlands, and
> someday humans?
>  In a time when people become outraged about email servers and sexual
> preferences maybe, just maybe there could be a little more outrage and
> action to cease and desist the destruction of our home Biosphere.
> Warm wishes to the people who allowed these permitting decisions,
>    Maybe their wisdom won't shine on Fort Lauderdale quite as brightly?
>       And maybe, hopefully, just maybe, the community of  coral reef
> science community will begin to speak out with more unity, conviction, and
> political pressure.
>         Phil
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