[Coral-List] Position Available: Climate Change Specialist in American Samoa

Kristine Bucchianeri kbucchi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 21:36:36 EDT 2015

Position available in American Samoa.  Applications are due to
Kristine.bucchianeri at crag.as by March 29, 2015.  Please see full Position
Description below.

*Territorial Climate Change Specialist**, Coral Reef Advisory Group,
American Samoa*

American Samoa, located some 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii, is a group
of five volcanic islands and two coral atolls that total 76 square
miles, inhabited by approximately 55,000 people.  The Samoan way of life,
called "Fa'a Samoa", defines the basic structure of local communities and
is based on family, tradition, and respect.  The traditional way of life
promotes village welfare over that of an individual.  Extended families, or
aiga, communally own 92 percent of land in American Samoa extending from
the mountaintop to the outer edge of the coral reef.  All resource
management activities in American Samoa must accommodate this existing
cultural framework.

*Program/Agency Background*

The Climate Change Specialist will work as an integral part of
the Governor's Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG).  CRAG coordinates all
of American Samoa's coral reef management activities.  The group is
a partnership of five local agencies: the Department of Marine and
Wildlife Resources (DMWR), the Department of Commerce (DOC; including AS
Coastal Management Program & National Marine Sanctuary of AS), the
American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Samoa
Community College (ASCC), and the National Park of American Samoa (NPSA).
Member agencies work together by mutual consensus to manage the estimated
296 square kilometers of coral reefs with the vision "to protect and
conserve reefs for the benefit of the people of American Samoa, the United
States, and the world."

*Priority Tasks*

The Climate Change Specialist will:

·         Maintain and *improve the quality of CRAG’s climate
change-related programming* through continuous improvement, adaptive
management, and prioritization of actions and efforts.

·         Act as point of contact for CRAG member agencies for climate
change-related activities;

·         *Support ongoing science and research projects* related to coral
reefs and climate change within American Samoa, including supporting and
liaising with local and off-island scientists to develop and implement
projects related to coral reef resilience, taimasa, ocean acidification,
and other impacts related to climate change;

·         *Communicate climate change, associated impacts, and potential
solutions* to local stakeholders such as decision-makers, community
members, and staff.

·         *Facilitate strategic partnerships *in the field of climate
change for program implementation, resource mobilization, learning and
advocacy at local, regional, and national levels.

·         Identify new areas of needed research with CRAG member agencies
and the Local Action Strategy working group, and sit as lead for Climate
Change LAS Group

·         Coordinate and conduct relevant training opportunities to build
local capacity and increase community awareness about climate change and
climate variability (including ENSO-related impacts);

·         Work with partner agencies *to integrate climate information and
adaptation into community-based planning and outreach efforts*;

·         Work with partner agencies to implement the adaptation
options identified by the climate change task force and outlined in the
Territorial Climate Change Framework.

In addition to the above tasks, other duties and responsibilities of
this position include:

1.      Facilitate outcomes from the CC Local Action Strategy, by providing
support in planning, coordination, and implementation;

2.      *Provide expertise about local climate change impacts to
Territory agencies*, organizations, and governmental working groups as

3.      *Serve as a liaison to ongoing national, international, and
regional initiatives*;

4.      Seek additional public and private funding opportunities for
the operations and projects of the American Samoa Territorial Climate
Change Adaptation Framework as needed; and

5.      Undertake other climate change-related projects and initiatives
as identified by the CRAG Chair and the CRAG Coordinator.

*Eligibility Requirements*

·         A master's degree in natural resource management, Climate Change,
Coral Reef management or environmental-related fields with 2+ years’
experience is required.

 The following background and skills are *required* for this position:

·         Expert knowledge on climate change impacts specific to
small-island states and coral reef ecosystems;

·         Experience in spearheading and managing climate change science
and research projects and programs;

·         Highly skilled in facilitation, specifically to drive outcomes
from a multiagency working group

·         Knowledge of climate change adaptation strategies for Pacific

·         Experience disseminating climate change information to
diverse audiences via education and outreach programs;

·         Demonstrated oral, written, and interpersonal communication
and leadership skills;

·         Project management experience;

·         A proven ability to be well-organized and able to manage and
prioritize multiple tasks; and

·         Creativity, flexibility, and willingness to learn and adapt!

The following background and skills are *preferred* for this position:

·         Experience living and working in another culture or in an
island community;

·         Desire to be involved in many aspects of coastal and marine
resource management (e.g., fisheries, coral reef monitoring and management,
nonpoint source pollution, etc)

·         Knowledge of sustainable development, including, but not limited
to: alternative energies, waste management, and smart growth;

·         Knowledge of and experience working in tropical marine ecosystems;

·         Public speaking, events planning, and meeting facilitation

·         Snorkeling and/or SCUBA diving experience

·         Sense of humor!

*To Apply*

Applicants must send a cover letter and a curriculum vitae with
three references (phone numbers and email addresses) by *Sunday, March
29th, 2015*.  Applicants should email these documents to
Kristine.bucchianeri at crag.as with email subject Climate Change Specialist
Position. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for interviews.

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