[Coral-List] Trading reef destruction for progress

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This is an error. The Sedimeter was NEVER PURCHASED OR TESTED FOR USE AT MIAMI HARBOR. Three of the first model Sedimeter were purchased by the EDRC research laboratory in Vickburg, MS in 2012. These three meters were tested in both laboratory and field conditions in coastal North Carolina and failed the field testing. USACE-ERDC published two technical publications regarding both the laboratory and field testing. Links to both documents are below.

The newest version of the Sedimeter has been released and three of them have been received at the research laboratory for additional testing by the ERDC team. Plans are to field test them in Mississippi this year. When the results are available and if they pass the tests, then they may be considered for future monitoring at USACE projects around the country. However, until they pass the tests, they will not be deployed.



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	They bought and tested some of our SediMeters but decided they were not "suitable" for detecting sedimentation on the coral reef. In my test the SediMeter could detect 100 g/m2 of sedimentation (http://youtu.be/cFe6ct1TFPU), but not 50. Of course it was just one test and the sensitivity varies a bit along the sensor but there is no way it would have failed to detect the levels of sedimentation they got off Miami. 
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