[Coral-List] Possible focused predation upon Millepora complanata by Ophioblennius atlanticus or O. macclurei

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Fri Mar 20 10:21:54 EDT 2015

Can anyone help identify the origin of these circular/semi-circular scars?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thought disease initially, not aware of any fish that repeatedly fed on
this hydrozoan and had never observed focused predation like this before (
Hermodice carunculata grazing patterns didn't match).

Noted "scraping" on a few circular scars and "crescent- like" mark orbiting
some of the scars. Surge on reef prevented me from using
a reference scale.  Assume white areas are 1-2 cm in diameter.

Dropbox link to the frames from my dive at Western Sambos, Florida Keys, on
12 March 2015. There are edited/non edited photos to highlight features.

LS yielded little. Below are 2 relevant articles the first being most

*Reef Check Spotlight: Mystery in the Red Sea - Circular feeding scars
observed on fire coral*www.reefcheck.org/newsletter/072012/

*First record of the fireworm Hermodice carunculata (Annelida, Polychaeta)
preying on colonies of the fire coral Millepora alcicornis (Cnidaria,

Benjamin D'Avanzo

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