[Coral-List] Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary Research Questions

Grace Sowaske sowaske at wisc.edu
Sat Mar 21 21:35:37 EDT 2015

?Hi Coral Listers!

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying wildlife ecology and environmental studies and I am currently starting a policy research project on the Florida Keys National Marine sanctuary. I thought I might get some great insight from you all and was hoping that I could ask some questions.

My working policy question is as follows: "How does science play a role in policy making regarding the preservation of the Florida Keys coral reefs." This is just a preliminary question, as after 5 hours of research, I am still finding new ways to formulate this question.

question 1: Is there a NOAA appointed laboratory that conducts research on this particular marine protected area?

question 2: Who enforces policies on the marine sanctuary, federal or state?

question 3: In the areas surrounding the sanctuary, are there opportunities for public involvement in the policy process?

question 4: Is there any outstanding scientific literature that may answer the bulk of my questions? or possibly a scientist who is very closely tied with the research conducted on the keys??

I have a lot more, but thought I would start with those! I am also interested in the economic impacts that no take areas have had on the Florida Keys fisheries but have yet to do some extensive research on this subject.

I also am required to preform an interview for this project, and am hoping that someone who is knowledgeable about marine protected area policy is part of the coral list! So if you are interested in being interviewed by me I would be extremely grateful. I am passionate about coral reefs and am glad I could convince a forestry student to work with me on a marine protected area project here in Wisconsin! I don't get the chance to delve into marine subjects here, so any chance there is, I take it! It does however leave me limited in resources concerning marine ecosystem science.

If you have any insight or knowledge about this specific marine protected area, or marine protected area policy in general, please feel free to contact me at my email address: sowaske at wisc.edu. I really appreciate your time in reading my questions and am hoping to get some great insight on these policies!


Grace Sowaske

sowaske at wisc.edu

Wildlife Ecology

UW Madison

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