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Mithriel MacKay mithriel.mackay at gmail.com
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Field Programs at MCERC's

*Caribbean Field Station in Puerto Rico USA*

5-8 students per two instructors

Geared towards marine biology, marine ecology, natural and marine resources
management,  wildlife ecology, marine science, and anyone interested in
bolstering field skills!

Many of our students receive 3 – 4 credit ours through independent study at
their university

*Week long field programs*

Ornithology: Endemic, Invasive, and Endangered Species (May 24-30)

Coral Reef Ecology  (May 31-June 06)

Triumph in Writing: Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication (June 07-13)

Money Matters! Finding grants and stacking the odds in favor of funding
(July 12-18)

Wildlife Photography  (Session 1-July 26-August 01 ; Session 2-August 02-08)

Ecology of Caribbean Reef Fishes (August 09-15)

…and we will announce more programs soon!



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