[Coral-List] Reassessing Coral Reefs

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 25 14:53:41 EDT 2015

   Dear Listers,

   I'm working with others to try and encourage the scuba diving industry to
   get more proactive
   with regard to it's policies on coral reef conservation. As you know, there
   has been no progress
   within the industry on addressing climate change.. That issue is and has
   been a non-starter for
   years. Now the question arises as to whether or not to even focus on that
   concern going forward.
   Many of you seem to be resigned to the fact that that ship has already
   sailed. Recent comments seem
   to indicate a shift in focus from avoidance to mitigation and adjustment to
   a new reality which envisions
   coral reefs as a manifestation of the concept of "novel ecosystems". If that
   is in fact the case, on what
   issues should the industry be focusing if and when it ever becomes willing
   to become seriously involved
   in developing effective measures designed to conserve the reefs of tomorrow
   whatever their composition
   may be? Do we shift entirely to land-based pollutants, sedimentation and
   over-fishing or do we continue
   to press for action or at least policy objectives related to sustainability
   and carbon emissions? I need input.
   Contact  me  off-list  if necessary, but exchanging ideas openly seems
   appropriate and even beneficial.
   It would certainly be refreshing to witness a free flow of ideas.


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