[Coral-List] Even Chickens can Help Save Coral Reefs

Naveen Namboothri naveen.namboo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 09:56:48 EDT 2015

Dear Austin,

Just to let you know. The poultry industry in India has been sustaining a
highly unregulated trawl fishery beyond its extinction. The work done by a
few of my colleagues (links below) provides fascinating insights into how
the poultry industry can directly have adverse effects on marine ecosystem



The initial note seem to promote the idea of promoting chicken as an
alternate source of protein and reducing impacts of overfishing. Though
your project seems to be addressed at small-scale, decentralised chicken
production units, it may be good to make that explicit as people could
simply borrow such ideas and run havoc with it.

The idea sounds innovative and good luck with the project.



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