[Coral-List] Do scientists pay out-of-pocket to be researchers?

Edd Hind e.hind at outlook.com
Mon Mar 30 09:18:12 EDT 2015

Dear Coral List members, Most of science is funded by research grants or other financial contributions that support science. However, sometimes, researchers may pay out-of-pocket for expenses that are never reimbursed. We are investigating whether this practice (using personal funds to pay for research expenses) is commonplace. If so, what types of things do we spend our personal funds on? If you are an active scientist over the age of 18, please consider taking our survey. We hope that by collecting data on this topic, we will start a conversation on this important issue. Our objective is to analyze and present these results within a scientific publication. The survey link, as well as information on informed consent, is here: http://goo.gl/forms/ZAtzAqGRMw We appreciate all participants, and encourage you to circulate this survey within your professionalnetworks. All data will be completely anonymous, and we do not ask any questions that will enable your responses to be personally identifiable. If you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Edward Hind or Dr. Brett Favaro at scispends at gmail.com Best regards Dr. Edward HindDr. Brett Favaro 		 	   		  

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