[Coral-List] On the preparation of LionFish for eating (Lane W)

Jennifer Chapman jen at blueventures.org
Tue Mar 31 19:56:19 EDT 2015

Dear Lane,

Your question has already been answered, but should have more, there is a
fantastic resource online that houses all you need to know about invasive
lionfish. In their words:

"The Invasive Lionfish Web Portal [http://lionfish.gcfi.org/] is a
clearinghouse for all vetted invasive lionfish information and serves as a
platform to promote discussion and inquiry. The authors of the Web Portal,
which include U.S. federal employees, non-profit managers, research
scientists, state biologists, professors, and Ph.D. students, bring over 30
years of experience on the lionfish invasion."

I strongly recommend it as a first-stop to catch up on lionfish news,
research facts about the invasion, review the comprehensive published
literature database, access resources for outreach, educational videos, a
tutorial on safe handling, follow social media updates that include the
#lionfish hashtag... and much more!

I hope you find this helpful.

Best Wishes,

Jennifer K. Chapman
Country Coordinator
Blue Ventures
Belize, C.A.

Kinship Conservation Fellow 2014

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