[Coral-List] Happy Anniversary!

Fundación Pro Arrecifes icri.colombia at gmail.com
Mon May 25 13:43:41 EDT 2015

Dear Coral-List,

The members of RENOVOS International Network of Volunteer Reporters of
Observations in Coral Reefs (created by Foundation ICRI Colombia Pro
Coral Reefs), joined in the celebration of the 20th Anniversary,  by
sharing the most recent photo posted in the Coral-List.

We wonder how deep was this catch?


In 2012 in Colombia, we found a Lionfish while diving in the deeper
area of the future #ÁreaMarinaProtegidaArrecifesCapurganáCaboTiburón
45cm and saw a "bigger one" alive in the deeper coral reef area in San
Andres Island, before a hunting campaign. However, that one was not
found later nor caught /reported to be measured. At that time was not
promoted by the government the consumption, now after our emphasis to
convence them, it is encouraged. However, the restaurant and
supermarket owners also send us reports of low supply of lionfishes.
We published photos and videos in our social media with all the
respective credits of the reports.

Nohora Galvis
Fundación ICRI Colombia Pro Arrecifes Coralinos
Follow https://twitter.com/ArrecifesCoral and https://twitter.com/ICRIcolombia

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