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Yvette Elisa Yvette at curacao-sea-aquarium.com
Mon May 25 14:57:46 EDT 2015

Happy Anniversary! I have learned and am learning so much from all.
Am grateful to all that are sharing their knowledge and findings. I also 
Loooove the interactions.
Kind regards,

Ivette Eliza, Pedagogue & Tourist Guide
Education Department section Schools & Groups
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    Twenty years ago today Coral-List was begun with 100 subscribers. 
Today we number almost 8,900 and there can be no doubt that you have all helped, in your own way, to serve for the conservation and research of our internationally treasured resource in coral reef ecosystems.

    Your colleagues who are not subscribers can learn more, read the archives, and subscribe at this page of NOAA/AOML's Coral Health and Monitoring Program:


    Carry on and smooth sailing!

        Your Coral-List Admin Team,
            Jim Hendee
            Mike Jankulak
            Lew Gramer

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