[Coral-List] Free Marine Litter class on MOOC - Last chance

Catheline Froehlich catheline.froehlich at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 10:45:07 EST 2015

Hello Everyone,


I highly suggest everyone to take this FREE online course:

It is the first ever massive open online course (MOOC) on Marine Litter. You
can become leaders (2 wk course) or experts (8 wk course) in the field to
take action against marine litter. The course prepares you to understand
policies, programs, and other initiations that are put in place or can be
put in place by you to combat Marine Litter. STARTED LAST WEEK BUT YOU STILL
HAVE TIME TO START THIS WEEK & CATCH UP! Minimum 4hrs/week. Please share
this with all of your friends because anyone can take it (even just
concerned citizens).


The following link brings you to a brochure of the course:


Let's combat marine litter worldwide!





PS: This is the first session of Marine Litter, but I they will offer the
course again in the future.

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