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Dear Judy,

I hope that my last post in no way diminishes your call to action. I just joined the ISRS and signed the petition as well. Now comes the hard part. I want to find a way to do more. My own personal disillusionment comes from the fact that even with a clear showing of scientific solidarity, there is no guarantee that public attitudes will change. To me, the diving industry serves as a microcosm, providing a unique opportunity to experiment and explore effective ways to counter a powerful public relations campaign designed to foment doubt, obstruction and antipathy. Divers are a cross section of the public as a whole, but they do come with a certain enhanced appreciation of the natural world. If we can't find ways to break through to them, how can we hope to reach those who seem almost totally disengaged from nature?  It is in this spirit that I ask for any and all suggestions as to how to reach out in a way that makes everyone understand that taking effective measures to conserve our coral reefs does not have to be seen as an affront to one's core values or preferred way of life. In fact, we need to somehow make it clear that to do nothing is by far the greater threat.


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>Dear Coral Listers,
>Profound thanks to all who responded to my Nov. 5th email, both online and offline. I am deeply cheered by your endorsements for the 2015 ISRS consensus statement on climate change, and for the excellent suggestions as to how its message might be further disseminated.
>The ISRS was listening! Thanks to Rupert Ormond, you can now sign a petition (in English) calling for limits on global carbon dioxide concentrations. See: 
>This petition is open to everyone. It's not necessary, but if appropriate you can add your professional affiliation (student, educator, dive industry, governmental, non-governmental, management, services, etc.) in the Comments box. Members of the ISRS are also asked to add "ISRS member" in the Comments section.
>Please help spread the word among your family, friends and colleagues by the medium, or the social media, of your choice. The petition has a goal of 1,000 signatures, but surely we can easily break that record before the start of COP21 (the United Nations Conference on Climate Change) on November 30!
>And if you haven't previously endorsed the 2012 ISRS consensus statement calling on governments to act both globally and locally to protect reefs, it's still open for signing at: 
>Finally, many thanks to Steve Mussman for having "started this ball rolling."
>Think globally and locally; act locally and globally.
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