[Coral-List] New book on the Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs

Camilo Mora cmora at Dal.Ca
Thu Nov 12 21:17:32 EST 2015

Hello everyone,

As many of you may know, since the 80's, Peter Sale delivered one review and two key stone books summarizing the state of the knowledge about the ecology of fishes on coral reefs. The book for this decade is now available, and I would like to bring it to your attention.

This decade's book is divided in five parts, providing extensive reviews on the state of the knowledge in the context of basic ecology, macro-scale patterns and processes, human interventions and impacts, conservation, and past and current debates. In total, the book includes 36 chapters by 56 of the world's leading reef fish ecologists and it is illustrated in full color.

Some sample chapters are provided here:

I truly hope this new book will measure up to its predecessors.

Best regards,


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