[Coral-List] ICRS 2016 Session announcement

Gilbert Camoin camoin at cerege.fr
Fri Nov 13 12:25:07 EST 2015

Gilbert CAMOIN and Jody WEBSTER,
Conveners of the ICRS 2016 Mini-Symposium "Coral reef records of sea level, climatic and environmental changes : a tribute to Lucien Montaggioni ».

13th ICRS – Call for papers
Honolulu, Hawaii, June 19-24th, 2016

	Mini Symposium : "Coral reef records of sea level, climatic and environmental changes : a tribute to Lucien Montaggioni"

		Conveners: Gilbert Camoin, Jody Webster
Coral reef systems are key recorders of both sea-level and associated environmental changes but, in turn, their geometry, composition and evolution are also directly impacted by these factors. They provide reliable estimates of past relative sea level because reef communities live in a specific depth ranges and can be useful as absolute sea-level indicators. Reef corals can also be accurately dated using multiple techniques (e.g. 14C, U/Th), thus enabling the record of sea-level timing, amplitude and stratigraphic response on a wide range of frequencies.Tropical coral reefs are also highly sensitive to variations in water chemistry and physical factors, and represent valuable recorders of past climatic and environmental changes. High-resolution records of past global changes (e.g. SST, SSS and pH) are stored in the geochemical and physical parameters of coral skeletons, are used to examine oceanic and atmospheric variability and interactions. Changing environmental parameters, such as light conditions, turbidity, water energy and nutrient levels are also typically reflected in variations in the composition of reef communities.This session will pay tribute to the life’s work of Lucien Montaggioni, and will encourage contributions that span the broad, interdisciplinary themes of reef geology and geomorphology, sea level and paleo-environmental reconstructions, sedimentology and paleoecology, as well as numerical modelling.

		The abstract submission will close on January, 15h, 2016

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