[Coral-List] Mission Blue launches Island Reach Partner Feature

Berkshire Sweet Gold bsgfarm at peoplepc.com
Mon Nov 16 08:57:57 EST 2015

Dear coral listers,

Mission Blue has launched a Partner Feature of Island Reach showcasing a video relevant to indigenous coral reef conservation and stewardship:   http://mission-blue.org/partners/

This film is distributed among Vanua-tai Environmental Monitors and their community networks across the archipelago of Vanuatu as a resource film featuring indigenous community assessment methods, conservation activities, and high-energy motivation.  (Bislama with English subtitles 24 min.) 

Island Reach provides capacity services in remote locations, supporting the 400 Vanua-tai and their peer to peer networking.  We weld social science principles informing community engagement with best science conservation practices as coral reef resilience is increasingly yoked to climate change adaptation, food and water security and the protection of indigenous authority, land tenure, and custom.  We understand that positive change is an intimate process that begins at the local level, but scales via inspiration.  The majority of global biodiversity resides within the lands and waters of indigenous communities.  Sustaining biocultural diversity is one important pathway back from the edge of catastrophic climate change and environmental collapse.  

Kind regards,

Brooks McCutchen, Ph.D. & Janis Steele, Ph.D.

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