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1. Jeffrey A. Maynard, Steven McKagan, Laurie Raymundo, Steven Johnson, Gabby
N. Ahmadia, Lyza Johnston, Peter Houk, Gareth J. Williams, Matt Kendall, Scott
F. Heron, Ruben van Hooidonk, Elizabeth Mcleod, Dieter Tracey, Serge Planes
 (2015) Assessing relative resilience potential of coral reefs to inform
management, *Biological Conservation*, 192:109-119.


2. Maynard, J. A., Beeden, R., Puotinen, M., Johnson, J. E., Marshall, P.,
van Hooidonk, R., Heron, S. F., Devlin, M., Lawrey, E., Dryden, J., Ban,
N., Wachenfeld, D. and Planes, S. (2015), Great Barrier Reef No-Take Areas
Include a Range of Disturbance Regimes. Conservation Letters.


3. Wooldridge SA, Brodie JE (2015) Environmental triggers for primary
outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Marine Pollution Bulletin


4.   Supin Wongbusarakum, Meghan Gombos, Britt-Anne A. Parker, Catherine A.
Courtney, Scott Atkinson & Willy Kostka (2015) The Local Early Action
Planning (LEAP) Tool: Enhancing Community-Based Planning for a Changing
Climate, Coastal Management, 43:4, 383-393


5. Magris RA, Heron SF, Pressey RL (2015) Conservation Planning for Coral
Reefs Accounting for Climate Warming Disturbances. PLoS ONE 10(11):


6. Alexander, SM, D Armitage, and A. Charles (2015) Social networks and
transitions to co-management in Jamaican marine reserves and small-scale
fisheries. Global Environmental Change, 35:213-225.


7. Kaplan, et al. (2015) Linking ecological condition to enforcement of
marine protected area regulations in the greater Caribbean region.


8. Fletcher, Pamela J. et al. (2015) Decision tools for coral reef
managers: Using participatory decision support to integrate potential
climate impacts and informed decision making. Global Ecology and
Conservation, 4:491-504.


9. Beever EA, O’Leary J, Mengelt C, West JM, Julius S, Green N, Magness D,
Petes L, Stein B, Nicotra AB, Hellmann JJ, Robertson AL, Staudinger MD,
Rosenberg AA, Babij E, Brennan J, Schuurman GW, Hofmann GE (2015).
Improving conservation outcomes with a new paradigm for understanding
species’ fundamental and realized adaptive capacity. Conservation Letters.


10.  Pressey RL, Visconti P, Ferraro PJ. 2015 Making parks make a
difference: poor alignment of policy, planning and management with
protected-area impact, and ways forward. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B 370:


Thanks go to Britt Parker for this info.

Some are open access, others aren't.  For those that aren't, look for the
author's email address and send them an email.

Cheers,  Doug

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