[Coral-List] Opportunity - Coral Reef Science and Cyberinfrastructure Network (CRESCYNT)

Ouida Meier omeier at hawaii.edu
Wed Nov 18 22:08:55 EST 2015

Dear Friends,

We invite and encourage you to participate in a rare opportunity to
collectively help determine the future of cyberinfrastructure that will
serve the needs of coral reefs. We are gathering in disciplinary nodes
within a network called CReSCyNT, the Coral Reef Science and
Cyberinfrastructure Network. The effort is supported by NSF as an EarthCube
initiative, and we would like to make as much progress within the coming
year as possible.

*Objectives.* A major goal of EarthCube is to produce architecture for
interoperable open data that will allow new and innovative science that
hasn’t before been possible or readily accessible. There are many moving
parts to EarthCube, and as its Research Coordination Network for coral
reefs, one of CReSCyNT’s responsibilities is to offer input, including
research priorities and detailed use cases, to the data architecture
groups. We also believe there is much for the coral reef research community
to gain directly from our collaboration as an interdisciplinary network.
Some specific examples include: (1) building community consensus about
resolving data issues and standards, (2) sharing resources and tools that
can help researchers take advantage of larger public datasets and advanced
cyberinfrastructure, (3) training in use of new visualization and
analytical techniques, and (4) optimizing "estate planning" for our data,
including capturing irreplaceable older datasets and images in accessible
long-term archives at minimal cost.

*Shared background.* Here are links to some sites and documents that will
help in creating a shared background for developing a collective vision and
future for cyberinfrastructure in a way that maximizes benefit to the
research community and to coral reefs.

*CReSCyNT Enrollment Form (please join us!):  http://bit.ly/1OZtmcP

*CReSCyNT Website*:  http://crescynt.org

*CReSCyNT Nodes, Tasks, and Timeline*: http://bit.ly/1Mg3nMy

*EarthCube Website:*  http://earthcube.org

*WEBINAR THIS FRIDAY NOV. 20*: EarthCube Tools for Doing Geoscience
- starting 2pm EST/ 11am PST/ 9am HST (links at http://crescynt.org).

Thank you for all you do.

All the best,
Ouida  (on behalf of the CReSCyNT team)
Ouida W. Meier, Ph.D.
Program Manager, EarthCube CReSCyNT: Coral Reef Science and
Cyberinfrastructure Network
Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology, University of Hawaii
omeier at hawaii.edu

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