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Would it be churlish of me (Oh, probably) to point out that there are few “reefs” left off South Florida, those communities having gone from 45% cover 20 years ago to about 2% now? With the start of the decline beginning much earlier than widespread bleaching? Talking of “global change” in this context is sort of like the magician saying “keep your eyes on the card…” as her other hand does something nefarious. Diversion works.


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> Corals in the news:
> Coral bleaching epidemic devastates reefs off South Florida.
> http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/environment/la-na-coral-bleaching-20151004-story.html
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> Climate change could cost trillions more in damage, because of thawing
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> http://news.sciencemag.org/climate/2015/09/climate-change-could-cost-trillions-more-damages-because-thawing-arctic-permafrost?utm_campaign=email-news-latest
> Global warming 'hiatus' trashed by new study.
> http://www.rtcc.org/2015/09/17/global-warming-hiatus-trashed-by-new-study/
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