[Coral-List] Use of iDive housing / iPad for underwater data collection

Bureau, Dominique Dominique.Bureau at dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Fri Oct 16 16:49:54 EDT 2015


Hello Coral Listers,


The program I work in conducts marine invertebrate dive surveys for a number of species (sea cucumbers, sea urchins, geoduck clams, habitat mapping) mostly for stock assessment purposes. To date we have been using underwater paper forms to collect our data. This generates a large volume of data that must later be entered in a computer at considerable expense. We are interested in options to go paper-less through electronic data collection. With the release of the iDive housing ( http://idivehousing.com/ ) it looks like collection of data directly to a tablet is now an option underwater. 


I therefore have few questions: 


1-     Does anyone have any experience using the iDive Housing / iPad for scientific data collection underwater and what has your experience been?

2-     Can anyone recommend Apps where custom forms for data collection can be created? App should also provide easy export of data. 

3-     Does anyone know of other underwater electronic data collection options for divers?


Thanks for the advice, 


I will attempt to post updates if/when we develop a system that works for us as it could be of interest to many people here. 



Dominique Bureau, 

Marine Invertebrate Biologist, Marine Ecosystems and Aquaculture Division (MEAD), Science,
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