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mdemetr at biophi.org mdemetr at biophi.org
Tue Oct 20 05:14:42 EDT 2015

 Hi all,
I want tolet you know about a new LinkedIn Group Teacher Scientists Partnerships thatmay be of interest. The T/S partnership group is designed to build communityand partnerships related to science education. It is designed to serve at least3 distinct types of scientists 1.scientific content researchers (benchscientists, theoretical scientists, field scientists, etc.), 2. educationresearchers, and 3. science education practitioners (teachers, instructors,educators, interpreter, etc.) and welcomes people with diverse roles andexpertise (PI, program managers, evaluators, participants, students, fellows,funding officers, administrators, etc.).It is hoped that new teams and projects will form from this group andthat teams from grants such as DRK-12, GK-12, Noyce, MSP, SEPA, etc willcontribute to this group. 
I amhoping that we can start a virtual conversation about Teacher ScientistsPartnerships ( formation of association, international/national/regionalmeetings, publications, funding, etc) 
Pleasespread the word to your colleagues who may be interested in this!
Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, Ph.D.
Director of Scientific Communications and
Chair, Division of Program Development and Assessment
Institute for Biomedical Philosophy
PO Box 1528
Dunedin, FL 34697
TEL: 305-240-1522 
mdemetr at BioPhi.org

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