[Coral-List] New Scientific Study Released on Toxic Effects of Sunscreens on Corals

Austin Bowden-Kerby abowdenkerby at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 14:56:23 EDT 2015

On the topic of sunscreen:
Over twenty years ago I was advised by a dermatologist that aspirin is the
best first aid for severe sunburn: four regular sized aspirin, taken with
food stops the chemistry behind the burning process and the slow and
painful development of a sunburn- it really does work.

Further, the dermatologist advised me to take aspirin (in addition to
sunscreen and covering up) before and during acute sun exposure, that it
effectively prevented sunburn.  I found that this approach to sun exposure
was very effective, and as I was often working with and handling corals, I
stopped using sunscreen altogether and went to covering up and using
aspirin exclusively:  two aspirin in the morning with food, three at lunch
with food, and another 2-3 in the afternoon with food, but only if the UV
levels were very high.  This practice went on for more than two decades and
without any sunburn or stomach ulcers or complications at all.  When
available, I took the orange enteric coated aspirin to protect the stomach.

A few years back, I had my eyes checked in Hawaii and the doctor was
surprised, saying that I had the clearest eyes of anyone my age that he had
ever examined- no sign of cataracts at all.  When I told him that I was
often in the ocean and in high UV conditions for work, he was even more
surprised and bluntly asked me what was my secret?

So there is an effective alternative to using sunscreens.


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