[Coral-List] Benzophenones - understanding the need for them, their sources, risks and prioritization of the threat to corals.

Durwood M. Dugger ddugger at biocepts.com
Wed Oct 28 15:26:38 EDT 2015

Having been involved in private contract research regarding sunscreen toxicity (ones not containing benzophenones) a couple year ago, but necessarily having reviewed the benzophenone problem in depth at that time and since regarding the relative threats of benzophenones in the environment - I though it might be interesting to those who are following research in this area. It includes info on the sources of benzophenones in the marine environment - which interestingly to me are not all are man made. I put this info into a summary perspective  <http://www.biocepts.com/BCI/Coral_vs._Sunscreen_Comment_-.html> directly our web site, rather than making another long winded comment on the Coral List.

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