[Coral-List] 2-year postdoc position available in coral reef ecology

Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp peter.schupp at uni-oldenburg.de
Thu Oct 29 08:01:46 EDT 2015

The Marine Biodiversity Across Scales (MarBAS) project is a collaboration with research groups at the University of Bremen. The focus of the overall project is the functional role of biodiversity in marine ecosystems. The project will analyze existing published data to evaluate the functional role of biodiversity across temporal and spatial scales at different ecological organizational levels (from molecules to ecosystems). 

Postdoctoral position MarBAS 4 (2-year, 100%, TVL E13 salary level, location Wilhelmshaven), starting date 1.1.2016 

The project will investigate existing data on Phase-Shifts on coral reefs, to identify factors which are contributing to phase shifts, especially chemical and photophysiologiscal mechanisms which may lead to a dominance of algae and/or sponges. Over the last decade more and more reports on phase shifts of coral reefs have emerged, which indicated changes in the biodiversity and ecosystem function from coral dominated to algae- and more recently sponge dominated coral reef ecosystems. The proposed research will include field and laboratory experiments to investigate the chemical interactions and their impacts on the physiology between corals and algae and/or sponges. A detailed meta-analysis of published data aims to identify the extend of such phase shifts and their driving factors. Laboratory experiments will be conducted at the aquarium facilities at the ICBM in Wilhelmshaven, while field experiments are planed in Thailand. The project combines existing expertise in meta-analyses, with chemo-ecological, metabolomics and physiological methods. 
Prerequisites are an outstanding PhD in either marine or chemical ecology, as well as publications in international journals. 
The successful candidate will be co-supervised by Prof. Peter Schupp and Prof. Helmut Hillebrand (both at the ICBM in Wilhelmshaven, University of Oldenburg) as well as Prof. Tilman Harder und Prof. Kai Bischof (both at University of Bremen). Applications should be submitted as a pdf file to helmut.hillebrand at uni-oldenburg.de.

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