[Coral-List] Profanity on Coral-List

James Hendee jim.hendee at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 29 08:22:03 EDT 2015

    Come on, folks!  Surely you are more articulate than to use
    profanity/slang to get your point(s) across!  I still get messages
    in the queue with profanity.  Just remember that this is a U.S.
    Government sponsored list, and even though some of the words you
    might want to toss into your message may seem to be commonly used,
    as though you were having a nice conversation with your friends at
    the bar, please try your best to be a little more circumspect.  You
    may even be tempted to do what one other Coral-Lister did and throw
    in the typical cartoon representation of a swear word:  *#$^@&, but
    ask yourself if that's how you want to be seen by almost 9,000
    people who will read your post.  Think of it this way:  you wouldn't
    write that way if you were writing for a peer-review journal or a
    magazine.  We try to keep Coral-List a cut above mud-slinging and
    profanity, so please do your part.

    Please re-read what you intend to write before pushing the Send key.


On 10/22/15 6:44 AM, James Hendee wrote:
>     *Profanity prohibited.* Coral-List has a zero-tolerance policy
>     regarding the use of profanity in messages sent to our
>     subscribers. Violators of this policy may face consequences
>     ranging from message rejection to the termination of your
>     coral-list subscription, according to moderator discretion, and
>     without possibility of appeal. Please make every effort to choose
>     your words carefully and respectfully.

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