[Coral-List] Coral genomics and historical population sizes

Jean-François Flot jflot at ulb.ac.be
Thu Oct 29 10:10:07 EDT 2015

Hi Misha,

Interesting that you mention Hi-C. It is a great technique and I have 
been using it quite a bit lately, but in case Coral-Listers wonder what 
it is and how it can be used to assemble and phase genomes they may find 
the following review useful:
Flot J-F, Marie-Nelly H, Koszul R (2015) Contact genomics: scaffolding 
and phasing (meta)genomes using chromosome 3D physical signatures. FEBS 
Letters 589:2966–2974
http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.febslet.2015.04.034 (open access)


On 28/10/2015 19:53, Mikhail Matz wrote:
> The difficulty with PSMC is that you need a
> whole-genome sequence, which could be fragmented but still must be
> separated into individual homologous chromosomes (“phased” is the
> term). This is why we propose to use Hi-C method that provides such
> information.

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