[Coral-List] Will Kiribati and other atoll countries drown in sea level rise??

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Clearly, this article on Kiribati brought back memories of the Marshall Islands... to add another layer of complexity, the overpopulation and pollution (at least on Majuro atoll in the RMI) has eliminated the reef flat forams (each making a test 1 mm in diameter) that provide the lion's share of sediment.  Pristine atolls and is mostly composed of foram tests (in the RMI, species of Amphistigina and Calcarina).  Sand starvation may be right up there with water shortages in determining when the atolls become uninhabitable.
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 A new article in Nature:

Before we drown we may die of thirst.


The question of the survival of the reef ecosystem and whether it can
continue to supply sand is mentioned.  Some interesting pictures.

Open access.

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